I Love Tiger Slots
by Desmond Lam

I Love Tiger Slots

I have never really played a tiger slot in Macau before Sands Macau opened here. Now, I love it! I love the dazzling sounds it creates and enjoy the wonderful visual as well as animated effects of the game. When I hit something (big), I feel a strong sense of happiness and excitement. Unlike table games, I find my tiger slot easy to win. In all, I derive much joy playing my tiger slots.

While many Chinese find baccarat interesting, the game looks too challenging for me. I am frightened by those watching me when I play. The feeling is too intimidating and kills any joy. I would lose my guts as I am overwhelmed by the intensity. The game is too much stress. Moreover, the fear of losing a lot of money if I play baccarat is too great for me. I think baccarat is fine only if one understands the game and plays reasonably well. In Macau, if you don’t, your fellow gamblers at the table and those standing behind would pick on you and shower you with heaps of harsh ‘words of wisdom’. Then, I will lose face! I have once witnessed a lady who made a wrong call during baccarat play and was scolded by the crowd behind her. That was embarrassing!

My favorite tiger slots are the 20-cent (HKD) machines. I would often go for maximum lines and bets. When I enter the casino, I always pick the same few slots that I often play. I guess I will try a new game too but only if (1) I see a queue to play it, (2) it seems to have a high hit frequency, and/or (3) it appears fun (e.g. lots of variety and symbols in the game, along with different bonus features). Sometimes when I feel that a particular slot is lucky, I will sit down and play. That feeling is important to me and often guides my first play selection. I like interaction and always look forward to the bonus features.

To me, slot play offers a sense of excitement and represents a form of cheap entertainment. I love to engage with the machine and pick my luck. However, I will skip a slot that has just given away a jackpot. If I like a particular slot, I will spend many hours playing it. Some of my friends can spend the whole day entertaining themselves with only one machine.

I don’t wear black when I go to the casino. I would normally choose to wear something red or brightly-colored. When I play, I hate it when people stand behind me or ask me questions. This is especially so when I am in luck and keep making hits. Otherwise, I will lose my luck and my game. I will kill anyone who pats me on my shoulders when I am playing and avoid bald-headed persons during my casino trip. My friends said that seeing one will empty my purse. I am usually not superstitious but, hey, why not if it helps.

Slots are in! Glad they now have lots of slots in Macau.

Date Posted: 17-Jul-2006

* Desmond Lam is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Macau. He can be contacted at DesmondL@umac.mo.

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